A Booming Business With Clean Books: The Unbeatable Shopify and Shopify Accounting Software Tandem

Michael Pignatelli
Feb 21, 2022

Disclaimer: Please note this article is not financial advice. The purpose of our blog is purely educational, so please consult a professional accountant or financial advisor before making any financial decision.

The pandemic has dramatically changed how we live. Instead of going out and about, we have to isolate ourselves inside our homes. Thankfully, many of us have managed to cope and adapt to this new normal, thanks to the power of the internet. For instance, in the past year, you might have noticed an increase in your food delivery habits.

Aside from being an online consumer, you can also take advantage of the World Wide Web and become an online entrepreneur yourself! 

Thankfully, you don't need a computer science degree to set up an online store because of platforms like Shopify. Despite being an all-in-one platform, Shopify allows third-party software to enrich your ecommerce experience. For instance, Shopify accounting software can help you streamline bookkeeping for your small business.

Keep reading if you want to discover how the best accounting software can help you make quick work of your Shopify business's books!

What Can Shopify Offer New Store Owners Like You?

Complete beginners can take advantage of Shopify order management, Shopify’s POS (Point of Sale) system, fast and secure Shopify transactions, Shopify payment channels, and Shopify accounting integration by becoming a Shopify store owner. A Shopify seller like you can enjoy the following features that the ecommerce business platform provides.

Ease of Use

If you are a complete beginner to online commerce, everything about it may seem like rocket science. Fortunately, Shopify is so easy and intuitive to use that you don't need to go through a library's worth of documentation to understand its fundamental operations such as invoicing, cash flow and expense tracking, and inventory tracking. All that is left for you is to find a product or service to market.

Seamless Setup

When the first online stores started popping up, store owners needed to hire an entire team to manage the frontend and backend of their website. Unfortunately, as you may have already surmised, this additional expense can cut through your profits. Shopify unburdens you from such hassles and manages everything tech-related for you.

Reliable Security

Did you know that more than 2,000 people get cyber attacked per day? Unfortunately, ecommerce websites usually fall victim to such attacks, resulting in compromised customer privacy and loss of potential sales. Certain attacks can also bring down your website, making it inaccessible to your customers. 

Taking this burden off you, Shopify keeps your SSL certificates up to date and keeps your store up to date with the latest in cybersecurity

24-hour Support

Despite Shopify taking care of everything for you, you may still encounter some problems along the way. Technical problems can still arise, no matter how perfect the platform may seem. As such, Shopify offers always-available and responsive customer service. You can reach the technical support team through instant messaging, email, and phone calls.

Mobile-ready Platform

You could only browse the web through a bulky and slow desktop computer back in the old days. Today, more than half of internet users access the world wide web using a small and compact smartphone. You might even be reading this article on a mobile web browser! Shopify ensures a mobile-friendly experience for both sellers and buyers.

The Shopify platform works great on both small and large devices. So whether you're on the go or at home, your store will scale to match your device's screen size.

Suits Your Style

Understandably, you don't want to spend weeks and months learning web development. However, learning how to change your website line per line gives you unprecedented customizability in how your website feels and looks. 

With the ever-expanding collection of themes on Shopify, you don't need to choose between customizability and convenience. You can also browse the countless themes on third-party sites aside from Shopify's default themes.

More Than Transactions

Your Shopify store must have the most basic functionality of any online store: making transactions. However, if you want to keep your customers engaged, you have to go beyond the mere exchange of currency and goods. You can enrich their shopping experience by using Shopify with apps from its app store.

For instance, you can implement a rewards program to retain customers and keep their business indefinitely. The possibility is endless with the number of apps in the Shopify app store.

Powerful Analytics

What's the use of a beautiful, mobile-responsive, and feature-rich Shopify store if no one gets to lay their eyes on it? Shopify can help you rank higher in search engine results using its tried and tested Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features. You can further refine your marketing to reach your target audience by utilizing analytics and insights from Shopify. 

How Can Shopify Accounting Software Integration Help My Budding Business?

shopify accounting software - Online seller with clipboards and smartphones

We know how hard ecommerce accounting can be. Bookkeeping is probably one of the most dreaded tasks that any entrepreneur must face. While Shopify offers an entire slate of features, you may find yourself needing some help with maintaining the books.

Fortunately, you can take advantage of Shopify integration with various apps. The best accounting software for Shopify makes it easy for you to take charge of your books and your small business's finances. Here are some of the features that many accounting software may offer.

Sync Your Numbers Automatically

Save yourself from the hassle of manual data entry by using the automatic feature of your accounting software. You're bound to make costly mistakes while typing the values one by one. Aside from data entry errors that can cost you money and your clients' trust, manually doing it takes so much of your time. It is not ideal if you wish to always be on top of your small business.

Seamless integration between the accounting software and the Shopify platform can significantly speed up your workflow. You can skip typing numbers altogether. With one click of a button, you can sync your records instantly. Some software can even do this automatically without you pressing a button at all.

Keep Track of Your Store Whenever and Wherever

You can summon the accounting software mobile app with a single tap on the screen. As a result, you can check on the latest numbers of your business no matter where you are. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you will never have to be apart from your business. You can even perform tasks such as creating invoices while on the move.

Financial Reports With One Click

We know how busy an entrepreneur like you can be. That's why the best accounting software comes with a one-click financial reports feature. You don't have to ask your finance guy to check the books for you to get a clearer picture of how your business is performing. You can even generate helpful and insightful graphs and charts to help you make better business decisions.

Never Miss Out on Expenditures

With so much money going through your business, it can be a handful to keep your books straight. However, integration between Shopify and accounting software makes this tedious task a breeze. You can link your credit cards and bank accounts to the accounting software so that it records and categorizes your transactions as soon as you make them.

You can have all these benefits and more by simply booking a call with Unloop! With a secure and intuitive ecommerce platform, easy-to-use accounting software, and expert bookkeepers on board, you never have to stress about managing your online business!

Final Thoughts

Managing a business is tough, especially if you're a first-time business owner. Fortunately, cloud-based platforms and tools can make your life much easier. For example, Shopify integration with accounting software makes opening a Shopify store and managing its inventory and bookkeeping a walk in the park.

As of 2022, Unloop recommends a financial stack composed of Shopify, Quickbooks, and A2X. This combination of ecommerce platforms and ecommerce accounting tools, together with the expertise of Unloop bookkeepers, will take the burden of managing your business accounting off your shoulders. 

If you're interested in our services, head on to our website and shoot us a message!

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