Unloop’s bookkeeping services are exclusive to inventory businesses in the USA and Canada. Get started today.
Our accounting services are exclusive to inventory businesses in the United States and Canada

We work with companies just like yours.

What Our Accounting Solutions Can Give You

Hassle-Free Stack Integration

Our personal service can link up to a broad range of online tools that you use in marketplaces such as Amazon and Shopify. With our seamless integration into your online business stack, we can start working on your books right away.

Accurate COGS and Inventory Numbers

We know how challenging it is to get your inventory figures straight, and we're here to sort it out. Our bookkeeping services treat inventory recording using weighted averages and FIFO methods to sift through every SKU for accurate COGS accounting and reporting.

Monthly Custom Reports

One of the essential accounting needs of business owners is to see how things are running on paper. Rely on our team of experts to prepare custom reports and financial statements for you. You can view your business performance based on accurate numbers to help you plan your next steps.

Multichannel Accounting-Ready

Our accounting firm provides services to small businesses that sell in multiple sales channels. We are equipped to manage accounting complexities with our expertise in marketplaces like Amazon, Shopify, and Walmart. You'll have the same inventory, cost, and revenue recording accuracy.

Smooth Tax Preparation

Filing tax returns during income tax season is a stressful period. You can clear out the obstacles with our tax services that account for other things, such as sales and payroll taxes. We can also coordinate with your chosen CPA and give accurate statements for tax planning and filing purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends. We want to figure out exactly what you need before we promise you anything, and come up with a plan to get the job done. Please book a call  with us and we can discuss a price that makes sense given your bookkeeping needs.
Our company uses QuickBooks Online and Xero to serve small businesses. If you're using other accounting software and would like for us to take over, we'll be happy to migrate your records with no effort on your part.
Yes! Just tell us what you need, and we'll follow your lead. We'll also find a way to improve at least one part of your accounting process while we're at it.
Unfortunately no. Our expertise is in full-cycle accounting, AP, forecasting, and payroll. We also build awesome free tech for ecommerce businesses. But we partner with CPAs across the US and Canada and can refer you to one if necessary.
Of course! If you're hiring us to be your bookkeeper, we'll move everything over and set up your file on day one.
Not at the moment. We stick to pure payroll services to avoid conflict. However, we can coordinate with your HR to organize things such as setting up direct deposit or accounting for employees' health insurance or retirement plans as needed

We work with companies just like yours.

Stop guessing

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About unloop

Unloop is the first and only accounting firm exclusively servicing ecommerce and inventory businesses in the US and Canada. With the power of people and technology, our team dives deep into COGS and inventory accounting. You are paired with a dedicated bookkeeping team that prepares accurate financial statements, financial forecasts, and can also pay bills or run payroll for you. Come tax time, everything is organized and ready to go, so you don't need to worry. Book a call with an ecommerce accountant today to learn more.