Track Essential Business Activities: The 9 Software You Can Connect With Xero Integrations

Michael Pignatelli
Aug 18, 2021

Technology is such an incredible blessing. Conveniences that were unavailable in the past decades are now made possible because of innovation—developers introducing a new and improved world with each software launch. In the world of accounting and bookkeeping, Xero is an example of these magnificent innovations. So let’s take a look at the nine best Xero integrations that will make your business bookkeeping and accounting trouble-free. 

Bank Connections

What does Xero integrate with? Firstly, and perhaps the most important one, it’s your bank. 

Skip the hassle of manually tracking the money coming in and out of your bank. With Xero, you can integrate your bank accounts into the software's system. Get updates daily, and store bank transactions to get historical data when reporting season comes. You can also perform bank reconciliation reports easily. If there are unaccounted transactions, you can launch an investigation right away to check if there are any activities where your money is used fraudulently. 


Stripe is an online payment processing software that enables the sending and acceptance of money online. Through Stripe-Xero integration software, your clients using Stripe can easily pay you through it. This payment transaction will then be recorded in the Xero system as income. 

On the other hand, if you also use Stripe as a payment method for your suppliers and additional company costs, all these expenses will be tracked automatically in the Xero system. 


In the development of technology comes the adjustment of work practices. Because of the internet, outsourcing jobs have become more famous now than ever. Transferwise, or now called Wise, allows convenient sending of money abroad, so if you have employees residing overseas, you can easily send them their salaries via Wise. 

If you use the Xero project and timesheets function, you can easily generate invoices for your employees. Then, you can automate money sending and track all transactions as well.


Send and receive payments in just a few clicks with PayPal, and if this application is integrated into your Xero system, all transactions will be recorded. You can also customize how the software categorizes transactions—either by income, expense, supplier, or sales. 

When you integrate PayPal to Xero and send invoices, you can include a “Pay now” button to the invoice, which will lead them to choose their payment option—PayPal included. With that, payments are made in a few clicks. 


When you think automation could not get any better, here comes GoCardless Xero software integration, which is designed for recurring transactions or even one-time payments. GoCardless allows the automatic acquisition of payments from your customer’s bank account on a regular schedule. In addition, you do not need to manually send payment reminders and invoices as Xero and GoCardless, together, will automate the tasks for you. 

As a result, payments from customers are assured to be received monthly. Again, all these transactions are recorded and tracked by Xero. 

best xero integrations


Skip the cash (and the cards too) and pay or receive payment via ApplePay—these are just some of what the application promises, making it a favorite among millennials and Gen Z. With the growing number of ApplePay users, perhaps it is high time you add it to your Xero software. 

In the same way other payment integrations work, you can easily add ApplePay as a payment option for your customers. You can also transact with suppliers through ApplePay if this is a common payment method. 


Trello is a tool allowing in-house or remote teams to collaborate with different projects. If you want to view the department and team workflow and task progress, you can also integrate this with Xero. Most importantly, the time tracked on Trello can automatically be inputted on Xero, which results in faster time tracking and payroll processing. 

Finally, through Trello, you can also check the profitability of a project. All data are stored, and they can be your basis for the future ventures you’ll be in. 

Gusto Payroll Xero Integrations

Payroll is a tough task to take, especially with all the incentives, deductions, benefits, taxes, government-mandated benefits, medical expenses, and all sorts of loans you need to consider on top of your people’s fixed salaries. Gusto Payroll makes everything automated to keep the human resource and payment specialists team’s tasks easier. Employees can also access it to view their detailed payslips. 

Once integrated with Xero, all the data tracked by the software will also be on the Xero system allowing you to generate payroll reports faster. 

Gmail and Office365

Finally, conveniently import your contacts on Gmail and Office365 to Xero so the software can easily fill your invoices with important contact details of your suppliers and customers. Once you have all their names on Xero, you can view transaction history from particular clients, providers, or vendors in just one click. 

Send marketing messages through Xero or send payment reminders to similar customers automatically. Through this contact list, you can easily send emails, especially when there are many receivers. 

Track Essential Business Activities With Unloop!

If you need more integrations or want to learn about the different software for bookkeeping and accounting, we can assist you!

Here at Unloop, we have a team of accountants and bookkeepers who are keen on using different software for accuracy and efficiency at work. We can give you a hand in strategizing which software to integrate with your accounting system. 

We work remotely, so we can assist you anywhere you are in the world. Contact us now! We’d be happy to assist you. 

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