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8 Convenient Features of Mobile Bookkeeping With QuickBooks

Michael Pignatelli
Last Updated on September 28, 2023

Are you stuck in a bookkeeping pinch and don't have access to a computer or a laptop? That's a tough situation you’ve got there. As a business owner, you don't always have the luxury of sitting at your desk all day working on accounting tasks. There are other business matters to address, which may sometimes require you to be out of the office.

You can always appoint a bookkeeping and accounting team to manage financial matters. Still, staying on top of what's happening is necessary. So, is there anything you can do about it? Yes, there is! If you're using QuickBooks online, you can use the mobile app to accomplish essential bookkeeping duties.

Let us give you a quick overview of the convenience of mobile bookkeeping with QuickBooks.

Mobile Bookkeeping and Accounting Basics: 8 Convenient Features of the QuickBooks App

Mobile devices are used for almost anything nowadays. Most people bring their smartphones around with them, whether they’re for locating areas or for completing quick transactions. Conducting business on your smartphone is no exception. It's a fast and convenient way to get things done.

This is why bookkeeping mobile apps must function correctly. It can be complicated, but a smooth mobile platform makes a significant difference. Here are eight convenient features of the QuickBooks mobile app that you'll appreciate.

bookkeeping in quickbooks online - partial shot of laptop and mobile phone with quickbooks app icon on its screen

Your Business on a Page: Mobile-Friendly Surface

The dashboard, menu, and other pages of the QuickBooks Online mobile app differ from the desktop version. They are designed to fit the restricted screen space of mobile devices perfectly.

The orientation is vertical rather than landscape for quick scrolling. Text is as concise as possible to avoid clutter. The page elements are also interactive, allowing you to expand the details when necessary.

You can view a lot of vital business data at a glance. Examples are:

  • Profit summary
  • Expenses summary
  • Balance of your bank accounts
  • Balance sheets
  • Financial snapshots of invested equity, liabilities, debts, and assets
  • Monthly profit and loss

Is this your first time using the mobile app? Don't worry. It is more user-friendly than other accounting or bookkeeping software. Should you experience a learning curve, seek the help of a professional bookkeeping team.

Adding a Personal Touch: Customizable Receipts

If you're in the mood for changing how your loans, sales receipts, invoices, and estimates appear, the QuickBooks Online mobile app allows you to customize them. You may change the logo and colour of an invoice or add attachments, notes, or photos for reference. You can also make them fit your branding personality.

Connected Banking: Syncing Transactions

Know what happens with your bank accounts using the mobile syncing feature in a matter of minutes. Connect securely with your bank and use smart matching to automatically record any transactions you or your company make. You may also view profit and loss, pay bills, and categorize the details you want to see.

What if syncing is taking too long to update? In that case, consider adding your transactions manually. It will only require a couple of clicks; nothing you can't accomplish!

Quick Receipts: Seamless Snapshots

It is essential to keep and attach receipts to their corresponding bills. If you're out of the office and need to record certain expenses, simply take a quick snapshot of the receipt and upload it using the QuickBooks Online mobile app. This helps you monitor and organize your company expenses with ease.

QuickBooks Online will then upload and sync them to the main website.

Financial Data Protection: App Security Lock Options

Your financial accounting information is highly confidential. You must ensure that you're the only one with access to make changes to the app. The QuickBooks Online mobile app offers different locking methods to control user access. Choose between using a PIN, touch ID, or the fingerprint method to sign in. Enabling third-party password manager support is another option.

Invoice Chaser: Automated Invoice Reminder

Sometimes, customers forget about invoice due dates. Thus, you need to track and remind them to do so to avoid any bookkeeping or accounting issues. But how can you manage when you already have a full plate? Manually tracking and reminding them will take too much time and effort.

The QuickBooks Online mobile app has a feature called automated invoice reminders. It allows you to enable polite reminders for overdue or soon-to-be invoices. These reminders are sent a few days prior to or after their due date. You can also personalize the message to embody your branding personality.

Attachment Reader: Flexible File Support

Some mobile devices don't support specific file formats. You still have to install an app that can open them. But with mobile bookkeeping in QuickBooks, you can open various file types included in attachments. It could be a pdf, doc, or another accounting file type.

The mobile app also supports multi-currency and negative prices and rates.

Quick Banking: Easy Banking Actions

You can perform more banking actions using the QuickBooks Online mobile app. Aside from syncing, you can access bank, credit card, and transaction feeds, which you can modify and refresh on demand. If you need to work on multiple transactions simultaneously, that is also possible with the app.

Other banking actions include adding a new bank account, reconciling transactions from connected bank accounts, viewing card balances, and easy swiping to accept bank transactions.

bank accounts recording expenses - magnifying glass zooming in on quickbooks online logo on a browser

Why You Should Use QuickBooks Online for Accounting and Bookkeeping

No bookkeeping software is doing it like QuickBooks. It is often preferable compared to other bookkeeping and accounting tools. That said, it could be better and will only work for some businesses out there.

Still considering using QuickBooks Online? Here are reasons that might resonate with you.

Logically Unbreakable Security

Did you know that QuickBooks Online uses a 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption? That alone is enough to demonstrate how secure their system is. It will require massive calculations and virtually thousands of years to break it! That's how secure this encryption method is.

QuickBooks also uses a cloud-based accounting system. Your data is stored in the cloud, enabling access anytime and anywhere on the Internet. It's easy to control who can view and modify confidential financial data about your business. Your data is also updated in real time and comes with a backup.

Flexible Pricing

QuickBooks has something to offer for businesses with tight budgets. They have flexible pricing plans, a reason they're popular among small companies. The prices range from $7.50 per month to $90 per month, depending on your chosen plan. Each plan also offers a free setup, so you can start connecting bank accounts and cards.

Seamless Integration

QuickBooks is just one of many tools you can use for bookkeeping and accounting tasks. Juggling them can be confusing and overwhelming, so why not manage them all in one place? That's where QuickBooks's integration feature comes in. Connect your Amazon, Shopify, or other ecommerce platforms to it for easy transactions and inventory management.

Customized Files

While QuickBooks offers ready-to-use templates for generating invoices, business plans, stats, and spreadsheets, it also makes room for customization. Feel free to change the look and feel of your documents to make them stand out even more or match your branding.

Take Your Business With You

Keeping up with bookkeeping and accounting while you're out and about for other business matters may seem like a pipe dream. But QuickBooks brings this dream to a reality with their mobile app. You can now pay bills, record expenses, ask for invoices, view transactions and activity, generate reports, and secure your financial data anytime and anywhere.

Sit back and relax, knowing your business finances are in good shape and that you can always fix them without a computer or laptop.

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