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Easiest Way To Save Money On Bookkeeping: Edmonton Edition

Michael Pignatelli
Last Updated on September 28, 2023

Distinguished by the North Saskatchewan River, Edmonton is a modern city found in flat prairie scenery. Oil is the prevailing factor in the economy of this beautiful city. Besides that, it also hosts industries related to oil production like engineering and manufacturing. With that said, looking for bookkeeping in Edmonton is not much of a challenge. 


Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta. Also known as the Gateway to the North, it is a sparkling city at the heart of the wilderness. It has a popular downtown tourist destination home to world-renowned bakeries, coffee shops, distilleries, and restaurants. Besides that, it has a booming central business district with its high-rise buildings and condominiums. 

Home to multitudes of immigrants, making Edmonton a culturally diverse city. With this multi-cultural heritage, the city has many ethnic districts like Chinatown and Little Italy. Downtown Edmonton is also the home of the Avenue of Nations that houses various stores and restaurants of diverse cuisine and cultures. 

Operating a Small Business in Edmonton

Suppose you are one of the current entrepreneurs who started a small business in Edmonton; congratulations! After years of back-breaking labor, you finally step out of your comfort zone and go after your passion. Nothing brings you much pleasure in life than following your dream. And you are willing to do everything in your ability to make that vision come to life.

A small business is the extension of its owner’s personality or passion. For example, it is reasonable to assume that a person who loves to bake may open up a bakery someday. Yet, while dreams are enough to motivate you to start a business, it is not enough reason for you to succeed. 

It is tough to accept that passion alone is not enough reason for a business to succeed. If you happen to open your business in Edmonton recently, chances are you are doing your own bookkeeping. And if you do, the odds are overwhelming you right now because of all your duties. 

Mismanagement is one of the prime culprits why small businesses break down. It is usual for small businesses to have less functional specialists like bookkeepers. If you are a small entrepreneur, you most likely do not make money daily. On top of that, most are not aware of your brand, so make an effort to spread the word. Looking for an Edmonton-based bookkeeping service is probably the least of your worries.

Looking for an Edmonton-based bookkeeping service is probably the least of your worries

Operating your business is tough enough, to begin with. Then, add in the marketing aspect, and it needs more diligent work. Yet, try to do your bookkeeping, and it becomes unrealistic. There is just no way you can maintain that. 

Bookkeeping In Edmonton

Bookkeeping services are expensive. That is why small entrepreneurs are hesitant to get a bookkeeper. If ever you as a small business owner have the money, you would rather spend it expanding or promoting your business. Bookkeeping in Edmonton usually costs as low as $17 up to $28 an hour. 

But what if there was an affordable solution to your bookkeeping problems? 

Virtual bookkeeping services are becoming a more popular alternative to in-person bookkeeping in Edmonton or in any place for that matter. A typical online bookkeeping firm may cost as low as $199 a month, depending on your business needs. It can be daunting a first, but it is a sure-fire way to lower your bookkeeping costs.

Besides that, an online bookkeeping firm can work with you anywhere in the world. So whether you are from Ontario or Vancouver, there is a virtual bookkeeper for your business needs. There are also loads of affordable outsourcing options to choose from. 

In A Nutshell

While you may see bookkeeping as an unnecessary expense, keep in mind that it is an integral part of your success. Not only do bookkeepers manage records, but they also provide you insight to take your business to the next level. Bookkeepers are not an expense. They are an investment. 

Edmonton is a city filled with beautiful sights. It is one of Canada’s thriving hotspots for culture, music, and food. It is a fantastic city where dreams are made and eventually come true with the right kind of help. 

Whether you are looking for local bookkeeping companies in Edmonton or an online approach, there is no denying that they are essential. In reality, they can avoid unnecessary expenses and, not to mention, a lot of headaches. But most important of all, a reliable bookkeeper gives you peace of mind while focusing on doing what you love—your business.

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