Accounting Update for 2022: Peachtree Accounting Software NOW Sage 50Cloud

Michael Pignatelli
Feb 25, 2022

Disclaimer: Please note this article is not financial advice. The purpose of our blog is purely educational, so please consult a professional accountant or financial advisor before making any financial decision.

After years of earning the trust of business owners and retailers, Peachtree accounting software was rebranded back in the 2010s and is now known as Sage 50. Then, Sage 50 further upgraded to Sage 50cloud. 

Interested to know what’s new with Peachtree, or should we say Sage 50cloud? Can we still use Peachtree accounting software? What can we get from this recent change? Let’s check Sage 50cloud now. 

About Peachtree Accounting Software 

Peachtree Accounting was released way back in the 1980s by Sage. Everything was simple back then. Do you still remember what Windows looked like? 

The setup required Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT 4. Then, insert the Peachtree Accounting compact disc, and install it. 

Peachtree was, in fact, a classic software. After more than twenty years of providing powerful accounting and financial reporting capabilities, Sage released their 2011 version. Two years later, a Cloud-based accounting software, a.k.a. Sage 50cloud, was officially launched to the U.S. market. 

Different Name But Same Trusted Solution? 

Peachtree was well-received by many—a trusted solution, the perfect accounting software. So, we’re pretty sure many of the product’s long-time users are doubting if the upgrade is any good. Why fix something that’s already perfect, right? 

But as advertised, Sage 50cloud still features the same functionality and interface as Peachtree. So believe us when we say it still looks pretty like the ever-so-technical dashboard of Peachtree with a few tweaks in the system. 

There are upsides to getting the latest software. Let’s see if the improvements on Peachtree are worth your money.  

Advantages of  Peachtree Accounting Software Today 

Seamless. Convenient. Collaborative. These are the words we would describe today’s new and improved Peachtree. 

Seamless. Sage may not always have a user-friendly interface. However, reporting and filing payroll and income taxes could never have been easier and simpler with Sage 50cloud. Everything you need is right there in front of you, just a click away. 

Sage 50cloud’s simplicity is a huge advantage, especially when several business owners are not tech-savvy. Since they’re comfortable with using this tool, it is only a matter of time before they can enjoy the benefits of Sage 50cloud completely. 

Convenient. With Microsoft Office 365 Integration, Sage 50cloud has secure online access and provides you with financial tools anywhere you need on any device, at any time of day. Of course, you need to have internet access, but who doesn’t have internet access in this day and age? 

Every accounting report from the previous year is easily traceable, and every transaction is backed up and saved. You have fewer worries about redoing your work. 

Collaborative. Employees, customers, and suppliers–they are all part of your business. Therefore, it makes sense that paychecks, purchase orders, and deposits are included in your financial statements. 

With Sage 50cloud, you have access to your customers’ information. You have an organized job costing tool for HR needs. Lastly, you have an advanced inventory system that ensures you still have your best-selling products in stock

What Are Its New Features? 

Minimal digital sketch of accounting, reporting, and auditing

We live in the era of tech and ecommerce. As a result, no device, no mere program, does one simple function. With Sage 50cloud, there is forecasting, payroll, costing, inventory, and so much more than just basic accounting. 

On top of advanced accounting features, Sage 50cloud is integrated with Sage CRM or Act! CRM, which enables you to handle customer queries and manage customer information. 

Note: Its CRM Integration is still basic compared to other accounting software like QuickBooks Online or Xero.

Other than its app integration, minor add-ons like Insurance Tab and additional digits (up to 14 digits) for international currencies are included in Sage 50cloud. 

As Sage promised, it’s pretty much the same software, just further enhanced to deliver many of today’s business needs. 

Is Peachtree Complete Accounting Software Obsolete?  

Absolutely, yes. Can you imagine using the 1995 version of Peachtree, let alone the 2000 version, on your iPhone 13? Even Sage 50 2013 software became obsolete and unsupported in November of 2015. 

Good news for you, Peachtree users! If you currently have an obsolete Sage Peachtree 2010 or older product, you can contact Sage Customer Service for a special discount to avail of their Sage 50cloud and other accounting tools. 

Speaking of discounts, Sage offers affordable subscription plans for its Sage 50cloud product line. Let’s compare their prices and features. 

Sage 50cloud Accounting Plans and Their Prices

Pro Accounting Premium Accounting Quantum Accounting 
Price $33 /month$52 /month$87 /month
Additional inclusions  ✔Invoice and bill tracking 
✔Purchase order and approval 
✔Expense Management 
✔Automated bank reconciliation 
✔Inventory management 
✔Job management 
✔Payroll processing 
✔Fraud protection with Sage Security Shield 
✔Purchase orders and change orders ✔Multi-companies 
✔Advanced budgeting ✔Advanced reporting ✔Serialized inventory tracking 
✔Advanced job costing 
✔Audit trails 
✔Role-based user permissions 
✔Faster processing ✔Order process workflow 
✔Workflow management 
Users 1-5 1-40 

It is worth noting that there is an additional charge for every additional user, unlike their other accounting software, which offers unlimited users when you subscribe to Sage Accounting’s second tier. 

If you own a small business with growth potential, investing in great accounting software like Sage 50cloud is a no-brainer. 

Alternatives to Sage 50Cloud

Are you not happy with Peachtree’s makeover? No problem. We want to give you financial decisions optimal for your business goals. So, if Peachtree is not the one for you, then here are the top 3 accounting software for you.


Compared to Sage 50cloud, it has limited features, and it is mostly centered around invoicing and printing receipts. Wave is suitable for business owners out there who want to try out accounting software. The tool’s accounting, invoicing, and receipt scanning features are free.


If the business is doing great and expansion is around the corner, this could be the perfect alternative. Integrated with ecommerce platforms such as Shopify and Stripe, FreshBooks offers great invoice to payment functionality.

QuickBooks Online

Do you want flexible and customizable reporting with a minimalist look at an affordable price? QuickBooks Online offers tons of features, but it is best for small businesses or freelancers only. 

Be In the Loop With Unloop 

Peachtree, over the years, has made millions of businesses grow and given owners freedom from manual accounting. Thanks to Peachtree, more accounting software provides the best analysis and financial management. 

If you’re starting on your business venture, then you’re lucky to have read about this upgrade, or else you’d be searching for a Peachtree Complete Accounting installation pack right now. 
Kidding aside, being in the know is always key to staying on top of things. Doing quality research on credible sources will make leaps and bounds on your business. Now, you’re with Unloop. Let’s stay in touch.

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