Everything You Need to Know About Bookkeeping Firms Made Simple

Michael Pignatelli
Jun 02, 2021

As a business owner, how many times have you searched "bookkeeping services near me" on the internet? You probably spend an awful amount of time trying to keep track of your financial transactions. Bookkeeping is so crucial that you consider getting a bookkeeping firm to track your finances. 

From the time you collect your first dollar, bookkeepers look after the recording and organizing of your financial transactions. But they do not just record your payable and receivables; bookkeeping ensures the success of your business.

Bookkeeping is the process of recording each transaction made by a business from its start until its closure. A bookkeeper records transactions based on documentation such as a receipt, an invoice, or a purchase order. They could record in a journal by hand or by using a spreadsheet tool like Microsoft Excel. 

The preliminary step of the whole accounting procedure is bookkeeping. Bookkeepers document each financial transaction and record it in the accounting journal. They classify each transaction into debit or credit and summarize the data according to account. 

The accountants then analyze and interpret the data collected by the bookkeepers. From there, they plan a report to give you an idea of how your business is performing. Accountants also generate year-end reports that adhere to the Financial Accounting Standards Board

A bookkeeper sees to it that the financial data is accurate while the accountant prepares the annual reports. These reports help you and other stakeholders make the best possible business decision. 

It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to maintain bookkeeping records. While small businesses may adopt a simple system to record their transactions, a complex business may get a more meticulous system. To help businesses thrive, bookkeeping firms offer extensive accounting and bookkeeping services

What you need to know about bookkeeping firms

Bookkeeping firms are a full-pledge team that has the expertise and credentials you can rely on. It is not simply finding someone who knows how to use a calculator and accounting software. They offer a wide array of services that would benefit your business so that you could focus on its core operations. 

In addition, bookkeeping firms use accounting software to create data that is suitable for your business needs. They maintain the accuracy and integrity of the accounting records and issue regular reports to highlight issues that you need to address. 

Sounds simple? Bookkeeping firm offers more than the essential bookkeeping functions. Furthermore, they can oversee your payroll, adjust sales taxes as well as quarterly and withholding taxes, and deal with deposits and reconcile bank statements. 

To delve deeper into the functions of bookkeeping firms, here is an insight into the services they offer.

Data Entry

Data entry is the recording of financial transactions, the primary function of bookkeeping. Bookkeepers must maintain an accurate record of every transaction that goes in and out of your business. It allows you to focus on your core operations and let the bookkeeping firm take care of the rest. 


You can also let bookkeeping firms oversee payroll management. Bookkeepers can calculate your employees' salaries and adjust their deductions. It ensures that you pay your employees their net salaries on the desired date and guarantees employee satisfaction and compliance with timely salaries. It also means you always follow legal requirements and regulations. Payroll and bookkeeping services are synonymous with one another and go in concert. 


For small businesses, taxes can be pretty puzzling. Bookkeeping firms ensure that you are not losing money by paying too much tax and not get you in trouble by paying too little. They make sure you follow deadlines and rules, making filing your taxes simple. Bookkeepers keep a tax-ready financial statement that saves you money and maximizes tax deductions. 

Bank Reconciliation

Bookkeeping firms make sure your financial records match your bank statements. It is to figure out any discrepancies and address any data entry errors or overlooked transactions. Bank Reconciliation ensures that the money your business makes is all accounted for and goes to the proper channels.

Monthly Financial Reports

As a business owner, you must know where the money is going or making any. Bookkeeping firms create a monthly financial report to track how your business performs. These reports show if your business is making profits or having enough funds to meet your daily expenses. Monthly financial reports give you an in-depth look at your finances so that you can make informed business decisions.

Bookkeeping firms also offer specialized reports that would help you analyze your business in a much better way. These reports can determine your most profitable client or employee expenditure. These specialized reports add even more value when you get a bookkeeping firm to oversee your finances.

One of the best ways to ensure your success is to hire a bookkeeper as soon as you start your business. Hire a bookkeeper you can count on that has the expertise and outstanding credentials. Bookkeeping firms are the simplest way to secure reliable and balanced bookkeeping services. 

The Takeaways

Bookkeeping firms impose a consistent process that strengthens your business. They encourage uniformity in tracking your financial transactions and reporting. It is critical in preventing you from taking a dangerous risk. 

Bookkeeping firms are meticulous in maintaining books to avoid mistakes and penalties. It reduces your expenses and notifies you of any negligence in your business. You no longer have to perform these tasks yourself, saving you time. You can now direct your attention to operating your business.

There are virtual bookkeeping firms online that offer the same services as conventional firms. You can hire a whole bookkeeping staff without having to create an in-house department. They can give you the upper hand to succeed no matter where you are. Whether you are looking for an SME or property management bookkeeping services, there is a virtual firm to cater to your needs.

Likewise, you gave everything you can for your business to succeed. You worked for long hours to make a sale and generate profit. You hire competent people and dedicate a space to make sure everything goes smoothly. Now, it is time to take your business to astonishing new heights and secure its success by hiring a bookkeeping firm. Maximize your business income and cut your financial risk— hire a bookkeeping firm today. Contact Unloop to get more information.

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