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Michael Pignatelli
Sep 12, 2022

Have you tried going over tons of resources for thorough research? Visiting one library after the other, both online and physically, to arm yourself with knowledge on taxes? Or are you relying on stock knowledge from a long time ago?

As a business owner, you want to be well-versed and on top of all areas of your business, even your grueling tax management responsibility. However, with the many duties on your to-do list, it’s not easy to get everything done. And complicated tasks, like taxes, often get pushed to the back of the queue.

Don’t let this happen to you and your business, especially when you can get assistance from the best tax management agency

So, what kind of tax assistance can you get from them? And how will you know you are partnered with the best team? Keep on reading. We’ll answer these questions here!

Assistance From a Tax Management Service Agency

When you partner with an agency, they can give you bookkeeping and accounting services for your physical or online store. Some specialize in assisting income and expense tracking for various eCommerce sites, while others can cover everything. They also specifically take on the responsibility of managing your taxes. Here’s how they do it.

Sales Tax Computation

Sales taxes are one area of taxation that is constantly changing. This is because the regulations are under the imperative of states and provinces. They can enact changes anytime. Sales taxes can be based on the destination or source of the package. Some areas also have special rulings on sales taxes for different goods. Your tax agency has tools that are always updated with any recently altered tax laws and any new sales tax rulings ensuring that you always get the computation right. 

Income Tax Preparation and Filing

Since an agency manages your business bookkeeping and accounting, they can also determine your yearly income as a business or as an individual. After that, they can prepare the required income tax return the government mandates companies and individuals must file. 

Some agencies directly file your income taxes to ensure that you file your income tax return on time. As the owner, you must check your total income tax return and if it is already filed on your behalf.

Payroll Tax Computation and Filing

These are some of the payroll tax deductions your partner agency will compute, track on the books, and file with the tax office management concerned:

  • Federal income tax
  • Tax for Social Security
  • Medical care taxes
  • Income tax
  • Federal unemployment insurance tax
  • Self-employment tax

When applicable, these taxes will reflect in your books.

Tax Planning

As months, quarters, and years go by, your books will give you usable data for tax forecasting. The bookkeepers and accountants from your tax agency will use the historical data from accounting tax software for tax and financial planning. You can also forecast your after-tax income or profit when you plan your taxes. 

But note that financial projections aren’t always absolute as many uncontrollable factors can happen along the way. Nevertheless, it can provide you, at least, with data about the total taxes you’ll have to pay, whether you can still lower them, or how you can keep them to a minimum. 

Characteristics of the Best Team

Handling business financial records is a sensitive task, so you must be partnered with a trusted agency. When agencies seem to have the same bookkeeping and accounting offers, how do you know who to team up with? How do you make sure you are partnered with the best? Here are some of the characteristics to look for.

Team of Experts

Check if you’ll be partnered with a Certified Public Accountant, or check if agency team members have certifications and licenses. These prove they have the proper training to do the job. Check out the brands and companies with which the agency has already partnered with, and review their feedback for social proof. Hopping on a consultation call with the agency would also help you realize if they are the right team for you.


Partner with an agency that allows you to save money because of their service setup and plans. The cost-efficient way to partner with a bookkeeping and accounting team these days is through remote work. It saves you on operating costs while still giving you the services you need. Get into the details of what the agency offers. Compare the offers and costs to know which team offers the most cost-efficient plan.

Goes the Extra Mile

Who doesn’t want service providers who always provide extra without additional cost? Clients who have experienced this will surely voice their satisfaction through feedback, so check out what their current and past partners have to say about this. If you don’t see anything, get the answer straight from the agency when you hop on a consultation call with them.

Unloop Tax Management Services

If you are looking for superb assistance with your taxes, exploring the services offered by a top-notch tax management service agency is definitely worth your time. By entrusting an experienced team of professionals with this important task, you can rest assured that they will cover all of your bases, and you’ll receive the highest level of care possible. Unloop’s tax management services can provide you with the highest quality of support, all while keeping your costs low. We're here to help you every step of the way, so don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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