Top 9 Accounting Amazon Jobs to Look Out for This 2023

Michael Pignatelli
Jan 21, 2023

Disclaimer: Please note this article is not financial advice. The purpose of our blog is purely educational, so please consult a professional accountant or financial advisor before making any financial decision.

The entire global community has just started to recover from the COVID pandemic. Good thing that companies like Amazon open their doors to more career opportunities for accountants and finance professionals. 

Accounting and finance is not easy work, but it is lucratively rewarding. If you have an accounting background and experience, this article is for you. 

Why is Amazon Accounting Important? 

Accounting is the backbone of Amazon businesses—of any business, as a matter of fact. Having to track and monitor your numbers keeps your online store afloat. 

This is why business with Amazon is so much harder without any solid foundation of accounting in place. You would feel like a lab rat going through a very boring maze. Many times you would just be crashing into a lot of walls. 

Fortunately, Amazon and FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) Sellers diversified accountancy to more job-specific careers to optimize the features Amazon has to offer and increase productivity by 50%.

Take a look below to help you get started with your accounting career: 

A woman working on her charts and graphs on her computer
  • Application Analyst 

A Corporate Report Systems Analyst, loosely termed an Application Analyst, takes an analytical role in designing and implementing technological solutions for Amazon’s global team, Enterprise Reporting Platform. You will be giving effective support for the following systems: 

  1. Blackline 
  2. Essbase 
  3. Oracle Financials General Ledger 
  4. Hyperion Financial and  Account Reconciliation Management
  5. Smart View 
  6. Hyperion

In addition, it is your responsibility to ensure the quality of application controls and meet Amazon’s financial goals. It sounds entirely techy because it has some IT-related work as well. 

For this job, you need to have a degree in Economics, Finance, Business Administration, IT, or any related field. You also need to have excellent communication, technical and problem-solving skills, and prior experience in Account Reconciliation systems and Task Management. 

Amazon Business prefers a hybrid of IT and accounting. So if you are a tech-savvy accounting graduate, give this job a try. 

  • International Tax Analyst 

If you have seen the movie Meet Joe Black, you’ve probably heard the line, “Death and taxes, what an odd pairing.” If you love math (death) and taxes, you’ll also love this job.

Anything to do with international income tax reporting, including improving the tax processes, is your main job responsibility. For this, you need to have up-to-date knowledge of tax regulations and international laws. 

Here is a more comprehensive description of your responsibilities:

  1. Gathering data for various US international, US federal income tax reporting disclosures 
  2. Preparing and reviewing international aspects of Amazon’s worldwide provisions relating to transactions 
  3. Managing junior tax professionals and outside service providers 
  4. Facilitating streamlining and automation of recurring calculations with Amazon’s tax technology

Amazon has job openings for a Senior International Tax Analyst as well. However, the qualifications are quite steep. Aside from having a degree in Finance, Accounting, or Tax Law, you need to pass the CPA or any related licensure examination. 

But if you do have these requirements, you’ll be receiving a hefty payment of $71,550 yearly. Better get started on those international law and taxation books.

  • Accounting Manager in Healthcare

Accounting is not just related to eCommerce or anything to do with numbers. Accounting can also be integrated with healthcare. If you would like to dedicate your skills to facilitating Amazon employees with health and instance, then this is the one for you. 

As long as you have knowledge about local healthcare and solutions for Electronics Healthcare Records, Telemedicine, and other solutions, this would be a big advantage for your application. 

Here are the basic qualifications for an accounting professional in healthcare: 

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Business Administration, Accounting, Economics or any other related field 
  2. 10 years of technology-related business development and sales experience
  3. Has experience presenting to CxO and senior management customers 
  4. Excellent written and verbal communications skills 

Amazon is currently seeking candidates from South Africa who can work in South Africa. So if you’ve been dying to tick off South Africa from your bucket list as well, now is the time to hit two birds with one stone. 

  • Accounts Payable Analyst 

Handling AP payments does work up a sweat. It’s a good thing to have amazing accounting software to help manage invoices, payments, and bank info. But the work of an AP analyst doesn’t stop there. 

You should have a working knowledge of Amazon’s invoice entry and transaction policies and procedures. Moreover, you must identify and accurately correct payment failures, delays, or variances. 

The basic qualifications of an AP analyst are: 

  1. A Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or any related field 
  2. 2 years of experience in AP, AR, Payments, Treasury, and/or Invoice Entry 
  3. Top-notch excel skills 

Amazon prefers advanced proficiency not only in English but also in Spanish or Portuguese.

  • Financial Analyst

If you’re an accountant from the UK, you might want to apply as Financial Analyst for Amazon’s London offices. For this, you need to have CIMA, ACCA, ACA, or similar credentials and some accounting experience. 

Your sole responsibility is to gather data, analyze financial results, make projections or forecasts, and develop recommendations to enhance daily operations in accounting for Amazon business.

Moreover, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is looking for a Financial Analyst II to make internal and external audits, preferably someone with SQL experience and effective interpersonal skills. Here are the basic requirements for an Amazon Financial Analyst II: 

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, or any other relevant field 
  2. 3 years experience in accounting 

Along with those qualifications, it doesn’t hurt to start perfecting your PPT presentations when you make internal reports or even KPIs. 

  • Accounting Finance Manager 

Amazon business could never get enough of recruiting finance managers that specialize in US GAAP, IAS, and IFRS reporting. Those with CPA, ACCA, ACA, CIMA, or other relevant credentials are welcome to apply.

Your job supports Amazon customer retail accounting and operations worldwide, so you should be able to effectively talk about financial terms to other Amazon departments. You would also most likely lead an accounting team. 

If you want more detailed descriptions of the role of Accounting Finance Manager, go check their site. Meanwhile, here are their preferred qualifications: 

  1. Work experience from the ‘Big 4’ accounting firm: Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, and Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler
  2. Work experience from large US or international companies 
  3. Knowledge of Oracle 
  • Accounting Data Governance Manager 

This job mainly involves designing and implementing SOPs for role delegations, rules, and processes of Amazon. You should have a deep understanding and experience handling financial IT systems, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements, SEC/PCAOB regulations, and control frameworks. 

Here are some of their basic and preferred requirements: 

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, IT, or other related fields 
  2. Seven or more years of internal control experience 
  3. Extensive knowledge of COSO and CoBIT 
  4. Extensive knowledge of SOX methods and standards 

If you have held similar positions in large organizations before, then Amazon has a place for you. 

  • Amazon FBA Specialist 

Many newbie sellers on Amazon aren’t familiar with Amazon FBA, which is perfectly fine 

because Accounting Amazon FBA experts exist. You don’t even have to get a license or a finance-related degree to apply for this job. If you’re intimately familiar with the policies and processes of FBA, Amazon sellers would be happy to have you. 

Amazon FBA sellers still have preferences so check these out to see if you are fit for the role: 

  1. A Bachelor’s degree in any field 
  2. Prior experience in customer service, virtual assistance, and/or Amazon Seller Central FBA experience 

Having an accounting background is a plus factor in getting this job since you’d be helping with inventory management, purchase orders, and logistics. 

  • Accounting Amazon Seller 

If you have the fundamentals and experience of bookkeeping and accounting as well as a passion for business, open up a business on Amazon! What’s great about this is that you don’t need to be any graduate of accounting or any degree for that matter. Plus, it might be your door to financial independence. 

When you are willing to learn everything about Amazon’s policies, basic accounting, and business management, you can be successful as any other businessman or woman out there. Professional or not, as long as you have the necessary skills in tech and finance, the sky's the limit for you. 

A mobile phone, showing Amazon FBA, on top of an Amazon prime package

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