Virtual Accounts Payable Specialist: A Smart Business Choice

Michael Pignatelli
Aug 11, 2022

In business, incurring debt is certain. It's only a matter of when. In some cases, it happens when your business gets an influx of sales, and you want to take advantage of it. To fill the resource gap, you ask your supplier for credit.

Incurring business payables is a good way to leverage other people's resources to fulfill demand and grow your ecommerce business. Yet debts can also break it. So it's important to get your business's accounts payable management right. Read this Unloop article to learn more about accounts payable specialists and why it’s a smart business choice to hire us.

Should You Set Up Your Process Manually?

Most small ecommerce business owners are inclined to start their accounts payable system manually. This is because it seems to cost less than the alternatives. But there are drawbacks to consider, and they grow more complicated under the manual processing setup.

Increased Error Potential

Manual entries and processing of accounts payable can be error-prone, whether on paper or MS Excel. You can only do so many manual calculations before you make a transmutation mishap that can snowball into inaccurate data or even losses.

For a good accounts payable experience, it's better for an accounts payable specialist to handle it. This is because they have knowledge and skills in accounting and bill payment software.

Organizing Vendor Invoices

Manual processing and storage of vendor invoices can be tricky.

Pieces of paper stored in folders and file cabinets or piled up in office desk drawers can be hard to search through when you record in the general ledger.

As a result, you may end up asking your vendor to resend an invoice. You may also get an irate collection call that can destroy trust and goodwill.

Payment Errors

Asking to resend an invoice is a recipe for duplicate payments. This can happen if you and your accounts payable manager or accounts payable clerk is not on the same page.

Accounts Payable Data Upkeep

As your ecommerce business grows, the volume of accounts payable invoices and purchase orders you keep also follows. As a result, there will come a time when manual processing of these files will take more time. In addition, these financial documents will become increasingly challenging to monitor if done manually.

accounts payable specialist - Two hundred-dollar bills, a compass, and an orange post-it note with “accounts payable” written in cursive.

Solution: Online Accounts Payable Specialists

Taking your accounts payable system online is a practical solution, whether you're a startup ecommerce business or with experience. It's efficient, and it gives you access to global accounting talents for less than your anticipated cost.

Unloop offers accounts payable assistance for ecommerce businesses on Amazon and other virtual marketplaces. Outsourcing to our team of experts will let you enjoy these services.

Timely Vendor Invoice Payments

Our expert accounts payable specialists will ensure you know how much your business owes vendors at any given period. They'll also ensure everything is paid on time because they understand cash flow.

Automated Accounts Payable Function

We can help you get started with an automated accounts payable process or assist you in your transition. Our remote accounts payable specialists are well-versed with accounting software such as Quickbooks Online and so that they can arrange everything for you or your accounts payable manager's approval.

Get You the Best Foreign Exchange Rates

If your ecommerce business vendors live in another country, our team can use money transfer applications and forex rates for you to take advantage of the lowest payment.

What Outsourced Accounts Payable Process Can Do for Your Ecommerce Business

Outsourcing the accounts payable process to a team of accounting and bookkeeping experts like Unloop will improve your debt payment, processing, and monitoring. As a result, you'll see the following improvements to your accounting and business operations.

Strong Credit Reputation

Good processes allow easy payments of bills. If your bills are paid, your vendor's trust is gained, resulting in an increased credit reputation.

Once you have been deemed a good payer by your vendors, you can get higher credit amounts, flexible credit conditions, and longer payment periods.

Good Vendor Relations

Part of doing good business is paying on time. Being a timely payer signals that your business is in good condition in the eyes of your suppliers. More importantly, your prompt payments keep your vendor's business flowing smoothly.

If you let your vendor get their money when they need it, you make good on vendor relations. You give them more cash they can use for acquisitions requiring cash payment. This is how you keep your vendor's financial statements in your best interest and maintain good faith.

Good supplier relations puts you in a good position to ask for favorable credit terms that support your business's needs.

Managing Cash Flow Better

Knowing your business's due dates allows you to allocate your cash assets to other revenue-generating activities better.

Managing cash flow is about balancing short and long-term liabilities. If you know what obligations you must pay soon and how much, you're better positioned to decide where to use your business cash within the business operation.

A more efficient use of cash can mean more opportunities to invest and expand business operations.

In addition, it also makes you more conscious about the level of short-term debts you take on for your ecommerce business. 

Ensuring Your Business Debts Are Paid Accurately

An account payable process involves vendor invoices matched with each purchase order. This is to ensure the payment is recorded and monitored by both the accounts payable specialist and the accounting manager.

A good accounts payable process ensures all the business invoices are paid correctly and without duplicates. That means the accounts payable documents are matched, and the accounting books reflect it.

Preventing Fraud and Embezzlement

People from within your business or outside of it can take advantage by means of embezzlement and fraud. That's why it's helpful to have an excellent accounts payable process run by experts. This can foster trust amongst stakeholders and prevent any fraudulent activities.

If everything is checked, recorded, and approved by either you or your accounting manager, then people are less likely to commit accounting anomalies.

accounts payable specialist - Two business people shaking hands

Get Yourself an Awesome Accounts Payable Experience 

Unloop is a team of accounting experts that offers accounts payable assistance to ecommerce businesses. But more than handling debt payments, we’re also adept at bookkeeping and accounting. This wide range of accounting service expertise makes Unloop capable of keeping your business accounting needs fulfilled.

Talk to us at 877-421-7270 if you're curious about how we can improve your accounts payable experience. You can also explore our ecommerce accounts payable service. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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