The 5 Benefits of Peachtree’s Complete Accounting Software on the Cloud

Michael Pignatelli
Jan 09, 2023

Are you a small business owner in need of an efficient and secure way to manage your finances? Peachtree accounting software is the answer! This powerful software provides unmatched capabilities when it comes to safeguarding financial data, due to its use of cloud-based solutions. 

In this blog post, we'll explore five key benefits you can take advantage of by using Peachtree software (now known as Sage 50cloud). From accounting, bookkeeping, automation and scalability to allowing collaboration and the peace of mind of knowing that all your data is securely backed up—there's something in the software for everyone! So don't wait around any longer—read on for all the details about how Peachtree accounting can help make your life easier.

Peachtree Accounting Software

Peachtree accounting, like any other software, is a tool that assists small, medium, and different-sized businesses in their accounting needs. The tool offers accounting, timeslip tracking, human resource management, customer relationship management, and construction and real estate-focused assistance. 

The tool was only available on desktop, but now you can access it on your mobile phone. Regular tasks like accessing contacts, creating invoices, taking receipt images, managing cash flow, and bank integration and reconciliation can all be done on-the-go. 

When you have complete financial data in a single software, the generation of reports will be easier. And, as a result, getting a view of your business's financial health will be easier, too. You can use the software for managing your small business, tracking projects, managing your payroll, checking your inventory, and ensuring payments are made and recorded on the books automatically. You’ll also have visibility when it comes to your workforce and customers through Sage 50cloud.

5 Benefits of Peachtree’s Cloud-Connected Features

With the plethora of features, one of the most enticing offers Sage 50cloud has is its operations on the cloud. This feature brings peace of mind to business owners like you who know the importance of protecting financial data from corruption or hacking. In this part of the article, we’ll discuss five benefits of Peachtree’s cloud-connected features. Let’s begin!

Data Security for Accounting, HRMS, and CRM

Accounting data includes income, expenses, assets, fixed and current assets, liabilities, equity, capital, sales, cost of goods sold, and net income. When you use Sage 50cloud, your software will also have information about your company's human resources and customer management, making the stored data even more precious. However, with Sage 50cloud, you know that this information is protected as it operates on the cloud.

A Wide Range of Available Integrations

Aside from its built-in tools, you can widen the data you store in it through integrations. The following are some of what you can connect to Sage 50cloud:

  • Accounting: Sage AP Automation, eBridge Connections
  • Payment Tools: Credit Hound, Stripe, Paya
  • Inventory Management Engines: MarKov, MISys
  • Monitoring Sales Tax: Sage Sales Tax by Avalara
  • Time Trackers: VeriClock, EBillity
  • CRM Manager: My CRM Manager
  • Workflow Management: Zynk Workflow
  • Ecommerce Tools: CartSpan, Epos Now
  • Document Entry and Storage: Sync, AutoEntry

By integrating these apps with Sage, all the data from these tools will also be stored in the cloud.

Automation and Accuracy

Because there are a lot of integrations you can use, the need to manually input data is minimized or even zeroed out. As a result, you can always be confident about the accuracy of the data in the Sage 50cloud system. You can enjoy seeing a realistic view of your business finances in real time, and you can prevent audits because of erroneous tax reports.

Scalability of Usable Features

Scalability is something manual accounting cannot offer. Although Excel sheets have evolved to add integrations, it is still not as flexible as what software like Sage 50cloud can do.

Sage 50cloud offers different plans: Pro Accounting, Premium Accounting, and Quantum Accounting, which have different accounting, HRM, and CRM features. When your business grows, so do your accounting needs, and you can easily adjust through Sage.

Teamwork and Collaboration Features

Another great feature of Sage 50cloud, which works because it operates on the cloud, is its accessibility to key members of the team. Individuals concerned with business finances can have access to financial data anywhere, anytime as long as there is an internet connection. They can update and change any detail and everybody accessing the file will see the updated version in real time. This is unlike an Excel sheet that can only be accessed on a single computer. 

Unloop and Peachtree Complete Accounting Software

Peachtree’s complete accounting software provides an efficient and secure option for businesses that are looking for a cloud-based and cost-effective solution to manage their data. From accounting to HRMS and CRM, Peachtree’s automated and accurate features ensure consistency across your business functions. With the wide range of available integrations, scalability options, and team collaboration capabilities, you not only save time, but can also trust that your processes will be reliable and result-driven. Unloop takes pride in knowing the importance of cloud accounting, and we use the same software to manage the accounting needs of different businesses. With this comprehensive approach to accounting software, you can rest assured knowing that all of your valuable data is securely protected, and easily accessed, on the cloud!

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