5 FBA Fees Amazon Accountants Can Handle for You

Michael Pignatelli
Oct 11, 2022

Every FBA seller must anticipate the costs associated with Amazon selling. These Amazon fees can vary depending on the item they are selling, their categories, and other factors. While those expenses are fixed, others can change over time. For this reason, many sellers find it challenging to understand all the nuances of Amazon FBA’s fee structure.

Thankfully, assistance comes in the form of Amazon accountants. They are experienced professionals who can guide you through the complexities of the Amazon Marketplace and ensure that you adhere to its rules and guidelines. But, more importantly, they can help you maximize profits by tracking your fulfillment costs.

What are the FBA fees they can calculate for your Amazon business? Get the answer by reading on!

5 FBA Fees that Amazon Accountants Can Calculate for You

Amazon’s fulfillment services offer significant ease. They will pick up, package, and deliver the products to the customer on your business’s behalf. However, insufficient knowledge about necessary expenses can affect your business’s profits.

Calculating and paying Amazon FBA fees can be intimidating, but working with a skilled Amazon accountants can keep your financial transactions in good standing. Below are examples of Amazon FBA seller fees that accounting experts can handle for you.

Amazon FBA Fee #1: Order Handling Fees

One type of fee that Amazon FBA businesses often face is an order handling fee. This per-item fee covers the costs of each product that FBA sellers pick, pack, and ship. 

The fee varies on the weight and size of the shipped items, but it normally runs from $0.50 to $2.00 per unit. An experienced Amazon FBA tax accountant can help you to understand what these fees will be so that you can factor them into your prices accordingly.

Amazon FBA Fee #2: Inventory Storage Fees

Any Amazon business undergoing FBA fulfillment must maintain a well-stocked and organized inventory. Unfortunately, this also means that Amazon will charge you storage fees depending on the volume and value of your inventory.

This task can be difficult to keep straight, and letting things slip through the cracks is easy. Luckily, Amazon accounting professionals can help you minimize these costs. They will see that your stock is moving and that you are only paying for the amount of storage space you need. With their assistance, you can concentrate on handling your business and leave the nitty gritty details to Amazon accountants.

Amazon FBA Fee #3: Product Return Fees

Returns are normal in online shopping, but they might be trickier if you sell through Amazon FBA. That’s because Amazon charges a product return fee for any items brought back by customers.

The item’s weight and shipping cost determine the cost of returning an item. It can also change depending on the reason for the return. If you’re unsure how to compute the return fee, Amazon seller accountants can do it for you! They’ll examine your tax returns and develop a pricing strategy so you can catch up with your Amazon expenses.

Amazon FBA Fee #4: Referral Fees

These are the fees Amazon Marketplace charges you when they direct customers to your products. They are generally based on a portion of the final sale price.

Each product sold through the website is subject to an Amazon referral fee. Depending on the goods sold, the referral charge varies in size (although it typically ranges from 8% to 20% of the sale price). Therefore, you will need to know the total sale price of each item sold and the referral fee for your product category to compute your referral fees.

A little bit confusing, right? But if you’re not into numbers and data or you don’t have an employee that can help you, hiring an accountant helps! They can estimate how much you can expect in referral fees and help with bookkeeping, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Amazon FBA Fee #5: Removal Order Fees

This fee is charged when Amazon removes one of your products from their fulfillment center due to damaged inventory or end-of-life products. Removal order fees can range from $0.50 to $2 per unit, depending on the item’s size and weight. Even though this might seem like a little sum, it can build up very quickly, especially if you have a lot of inventory to get rid of.

The good news is you can work with an Amazon FBA accountant to help you verify if your listing complies with all Amazon policies. In addition, these Amazon accountants can increase your chances of waiving the fee.

Unloop: The Right Accounting Expert for Amazon Sellers

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Trying to find the best accounting firm to handle the ever-changing landscape of Amazon business fees? Unloop is the one you’re looking for!

We are a cloud-based accounting firm helping ecommerce businesses grow and scale. Our team of certified public accountants and chartered financial analysts are well-versed in managing Amazon Seller Central. They can help you comply with the ecommerce giant’s rules and regulations to manage your expenses.

Unloop provides a complete suite of Amazon accounting services: bookkeeping, sales tax preparation, and financial planning. 

Ready to partner with us? Contact Unloop today and let us help you increase revenue and minimize ecommerce business costs!

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